Would Be Brides – Tips To Get Ready For Your Wedding

Would Be Brides – Tips To Get Ready For Your Wedding

Recently, in a get-together I had a chance to meet one of my friends Shreya. She had got recently married and we had attended her wedding. In our conversation, she was very much curious to know that how we enjoyed her wedding. She was eagerly recalling her wedding memories and I was enjoying listening her. I asked her why in most of the videos she is captured with face down. She told that she was carefully watching her steps while walking on the Dias as she had put up the heels for the first time to match the height of her spouse.

A little precaution from Shreya would have avoided this. As she knew that she had to wear the heels for the first time; hence she could have practiced wearing the heels well before the marriage and this could have made her comfortable in her footwear on her wedding day.

By virtue of nature, we tend to miss some small but important points in the marriage excitement and this may bring disappointment and/or embarrassment to you during your wedding. Below we have thoughtfully captured some very useful tips for you to take care which if followed will not bring any unwanted moment in your wedding. We are sure you would never like to be another Shreya.

Respect Time

There are very few of us who manage their time well. Many of us have the habit of postponing the things to their last stage. For marriage preparations, it can be very dangerous. For buying a single item you make take the entire day as marriage shopping is a specialized shopping. Naturally, for your specialized shopping, you would like to see and evaluate multiple shops for a single item and then would decide to buy. If you would not have ample time for your search and selection you might end up buying something at high cost and you may also not like the item much. Having time in hand would benefit you in multiple ways like you would be able to bargain better as you are not in hurry, you would not be stressed and tensed which would keep your health right and you would enjoy your shopping. Hence, start your shopping and preparations as soon as possible and respect time.

Dresses/Blouses stitching and trial

Sometimes available standard sizes do not fit you hence you decide to buy unstitched material to get it stitched as per your measurement. If you are buying a Saree/Lehnga you need to get your blouses/cholis stitched. Ladies dress/blouse stitching is a tedious job and you are always anxious that whether your tailor would be able to stitch properly or not. There are high chances that the stitching may be wrong beyond correction and in that case your costly dresses/sarees become useless for you. Hence, you should not take any chances in deciding the correct and trained tailor. Do some research to zero on some two or three trained tailors in your city; buy some less costly regular dress/blouse material and give this first for stitching to the selected trained tailors. From this sample stitching you would be able to decide that from whom you can get your wedding dress/blouse stitched. Always try your stitched material first before accepting the delivery and paying the full amount, any required correction can be done easily and faster at this time as once you accepted and paid in full then generally the tailors do not lend an ear on your complaints.

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Your inner-wear

Wedding shopping generally includes a number of inner-wear pairs. Some of you might have a habit of putting any new inner-wear only after a wash. If you need to wash before wearing then plan it suitably ahead of your wedding day. It is not wise to wait for the last day to wash as it would be much optimistic to believe that climate would always be fine and you can dry it in the sun. Hence, plan any washing accordingly so that you get enough time to get it completely dry. Be cautious of wearing any wet/moisture inner-wear, as it can get you itching/infections which would be embarrassing and may make you medically unfit.

Your beauty

While you are on the shopping spree and/or busy in other wedding preparations, it is quite obvious that you may miss your regular beauty care. However, as a ‘Would-be bride’ you need to take special care for your skin, face and hairs. A natural glow and freshness is always far better than what you may aspire to get from your make-up. So, instead of ignoring yourself and thinking you would manage everything with makeup better follow some well known practices to get a natural body glow which is persistent and not short-lived like your make-up. A�

Avoid going out in the hot sun. Plan your shopping in the evening to be away from direct sun-rays. In case you need to go out in the sun, carry your umbrella and wear sun-screen with good SPF (Sun Protection Factor).

Water is the best cleansing agent for your body. Drink at least 4-5 litres of water in a day. This would help to remove impurities from your body which would naturally add glow to your skin.

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Be relaxed and do some meditation. Even just chanting ‘OM’ and deep breathing can do wonders and would create ‘Aura’ around you.

A simple regular exercise or just walking will keep blood circulation proper in your body and would help you to stay healthy.

Take balanced diet with right proportion of proteins; eat plenty of fresh fruits, salad and green leafy vegetables.

Take sound sleep for at least 8-9 hours to avoid/reduce dark circles under your eye.

Apply lukewarm oil to your hairs and scalp, keep it for some time and then wash. This would help in rejuvenating your hairs.

Saree/ Lehanga draping

Nowadays trend of wearing Saree is less as putting on a Saree takes time as compared to putting on a western wear and/or a Salwaar Kameez. However, as per the Indian culture you need to wear heavy Saree /Lehanga on your wedding day. Generally, most of us are not aware of how to drape a Saree and hence we hire a professional to drape us in our wedding dress on our wedding day. However, professional help is not available always hence you must learn Saree draping (at least in normal style) yourself. Start learning much prior to your wedding day and try walking, sitting, leaning, eating etc while in a Saree; this would make you comfortable in Saree and would avoid any embarrassing moment when you put your heavy wedding Saree /Lehanga on your wedding day. As per Indian culture, you need to wear Saree in your in-law’s home; if you would know how to drape it, you would not only get appreciations in your new home but you would look beautiful also in Saree.

Your shopping list

Planning always helps in saving time, money and energy. For different items you need to buy you would be required to visit different markets in the city. Also, there could be the possibility that the same item would be available at high price in one market but at the lower price in the other market in the same city. Make your shopping list and thoughtfully put all the various items in your list which you wish to shop. Do collect some brief information that what items can be bought from which market where you can get the right quality with right price. Group the items in your list which can be bought from a single market. You can also create the priority that for which group you need to shop first and so on. Such a grouped list would reduce your visits to market, save you from getting stressed, save you from missing any items to shop and most importantly your shopping would be with the right quality and price.

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A day before your wedding

A day before your wedding is the time for you to relax. As far as possible, never keep any pending things on you till this day, though others in your family would be busy arranging different things. Sit with your family and enjoy those moments at the most. If your wedding is in a different city make sure that you reach at the place 1-2 days prior as you may need time to get adjusted and to arrange your belongings at the new place. Relaxation, Meditation, Sound Sleep and No Stress on this day will help you get all the glow and natural smiles which you need the most next day.

Talk to people

Experience shows you the real picture. If any of your close friend, relative has got recently married then talk to them and try learning from their experiences. However, just do not go to anyone and ask for their experiences as too much different inputs might confuse you. To your close friends you would be able to ask your questions straight and without hesitation and that would get you instant answers. However, everyone has a different mindset, flexibility and limitations when they do their marriage preparations so do not blindly follow any suggestion, thoughtfully explore whether you can adopt that or not and then accordingly follow.

Your bags to carry to your new home

Initially for a few days, you would be shy and hesitating at your new home. Hence, make sure that in addition to the gifts, dresses, jewellery etc you carry the things which you need in your daily life. This would help you not to suffer in silence because of shyness and hesitation. It would be also wise to carry some chocolates & cookies etc as anxiousness and excitement may make you feel hungry suddenly at odd times. Get everything which you wish to carry at one spot to ensure that nothing is left behind, and then you can pack these in the bags. Do not leave your bag packing for the last day, start packing a week before your wedding day as you would see that slowly your items list and number of bags would increase than what you would have thought earlier.

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