Why Choose Shimano Fishing Reels?

Why Choose Shimano Fishing Reels?

Shimano Fishing Reels are products of the Shimano Fishing Tackle Company. The company began business in 1921 under the name of Shimano Ironworks and their product was a bicycle freewheel. Through the years up until 1970 their main focus was on bicycle production. In 1970 the fishing tackle division was introduced and by 1978 the company starts a fishing tackle campaign. This was the year that the series of Bantam reels were released. In 1981 the X Line series of rods were released. You can find many subsidiaries of the Shimano company through out the world currently with products ranging from fishing equipment to bicycling equipment to golfing equipment.

The Shimano Fishing Tackle company products range from rods. reels, gear and anything in between. With the focus being on the reels, Shimano has a great selection to choose from. Conventional reels, Low Profile Bait casting reels, Round Bait casting reels, Offshore Spinning reels and Spinning reels are some of the reels available through Shimano.

Conventional reels include reels for the saltwater angler such as the Trinidad DC. This reel is an exceptional choice for saltwater anglers due to it’s digital braking system. With an 8 step adjustment knob you can control the mode of the reel from an ultra long cast mode to a maximum control mode.

The Tekota reel is a conventional reel that is great for both freshwater fish and saltwater fish. Saltwater anglers will appreciate its strength and durability while the freshwater angler will appreciate its line capacity.

Spinning reels that Shimano offers include the Spirex FG. This reel was designed for simple one handed casts and has A-RB bearings which produces a smooth retrieval of the line. The Sahara would be the choice for light saltwater fishing or freshwater fishing. The line capacity and many features this reel has to offer makes it the reel for offshore fishing. The Stella FD has a magnesium frame and an aluminum rotor which makes this reel light weight and durable. It also has a gear coating on top of the normal gear coating that will ensure the durability of this spinning reel.

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Being in the business for more than 80 years, the Shimano Company has produced high quality products though out the world. Their products have been improved upon and perfected to the company’s highest standard and to the standards of many anglers. Professionals and novices alike will appreciate the quality of these reels and the results that are achieved.