Watch Out For These Terrific Timepieces

Watch Out For These Terrific Timepieces

If any one of these four watches – be you male or female – was draped around your wrist, you would be regarded as the most sophisticated and fashionable person with impeccable taste. Each of these elegant time-pieces are distinctive in style and are crafted (with love) to ensure accuracy and absolute dependability.

Gucci Watches

Arguably one of the most famous brand names around, Gucci symbolises luxury and all things good. In the nineties, Gucci watches became the brand leader, setting a trend of high fashion and unique design. The Gucci watch was a joy to behold … and still is. Today Gucci watches are crafted from the finest stainless steel, pure, soft silver and sapphire crystals. Beautiful in design, tasteful and appealing, a Gucci watch is a precious timepiece much appreciated by style conscious and discerning buyers.

Tissot Watches

Known worldwide as the ‘timekeepers of sports,’ Tissot has earned a formidable ‘time-keeping’ reputation. When it comes to events like the 24-hour Le Mans race, Formula One, the Tour de Suisse and championship ice hockey, there’s no one better. With craftsmanship near to perfection, a Tissot watch mirrors this sporting excellence, vitality and passion … and Tissot’s T-Touch Expert, with its unique touch-screen feature, is a unique innovation. Oh, and need we mention that wearing a Tissot watch is a truly thrilling experience? Try it and see.

Movado Watches

In 1881 Movado Watch made its entrance into the world of classic watch-making. Their Calendomatic watches were the first to include dials showing the day and month. Movado Watch is an innovative company keeping one step ahead of many others.

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Their famous ‘Museum Watch,’ where a solo dot instead of the number 12 appears on the dial, caused a sensation and a set of these watches is on display in the Museum of Modern Art. Retro is a word that Movado understands, so much so that they’ve re-introduced their classic KingMatic watch series, which first became popular in the 1950’s. And today all of Movado watches reflect good taste and stunning design and are fashion leaders that include both quartz and mechanical movements. So if you want to be seen to have flair and great fashion sense, make your next watch a Movado watch.

Rado Watches

The uniqueness and innovation of Rado was clearly evident when the company brought out the first scratch-proof watches – the Rado Diastar – in the early sixties. Better-known by most of us as Swatch, this big brand company launched a huge range of unique and attractive designs that became worldwide sellers. The sophisticated Rado watches are crafted using a combination of materials that include sapphire crystals, tungsten-carbide and titanium-carbide, lanthanum and the clever use of ceramics. So, if you’re into big brand names consider wearing a Rado watch.