Valuable Money-Saving Tips

Valuable Money-Saving Tips

Surprisingly enough, it is possible to save money even while spending! You just need to master the principle of smart-spending and you can sit back and watch the savings roll in. In the current economic climate, it is most advisable to adopt a smarter way of shopping. Whether shopping for clothing or grocery, vacation or insurance, your loyalty should always be to your purse/wallet, never to the store!

Here is one fashion tip you can’t afford to ignore: the simple 1:2:3 rule that adds up to fashion perfection.

To make your wardrobe truly versatile try this rule. For every trendy (latest but temporary fashion) piece in your wardrobe, make sure you have 2 basics (e.g. plain t-shirts, body suits, vests, jeans in assorted colours) and 3 timeless classics (e.g. LBD – the little black dress, blazer, white shirt, cardigan, pencil skirt, clutch purse, heeled boots) that are simple and not faddish and will never go out of fashion because they were never in fashion!

I am a firm believer in setting rather than following the trend. I find that it is actually more classy to not wear what everyone is wearing, but to wear a unique piece that will draw attention because of its uniqueness. If you collect beautifully unique and timeless pieces over time, you will find that such pieces will server you for much longer because they will never go out of fashion. This way you will be saving money while spending. Instead of throwing your hard-earned cash on supposedly ‘in-vogue’ fashion items, you will be putting together a nest egg for yourself while still looking smashing and effortlessly classy!

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So next time you see a top or skirt at 90% off, buy it and match it with that classic number that is already in your wardrobe!