Tips For Choosing the Right Skid Steer Loader

Tips For Choosing the Right Skid Steer Loader

Purchasing a skid steer loader is a time consuming and intensive process that, done correctly, requires some research and effort on the buyer’s part. Some important considerations are outlined below:

1. Take it for a test drive. Before diving into your purchase take the dealer up on an offer to test it out or try the demo. This will give you a better idea of what its capabilities are, if it meets your individual needs, and how it operates and functions on a more intimate level.

2. Consider maintenance options. Each skid steer will require a unique set of maintenance techniques. Some are easier then others to properly maintain, and many models will require less maintenance depending on make and functionality. Discuss with the dealer if they have any maintenance plans or what options they offer at the time of purchase. Decide if you will be doing the repairs and maintenance yourself, or handing it off to a qualified technician.

3. Assess use and accessory needs. Before making your purchase its key that you understand what your needs are and how you will be using the skid steer. Some questions to ask yourself include “what lifting capacity do i need?”, “what type of terrain will I be operating on?”, and “what jobs will I be doing and which attachments will I need to complete them?”. If you determine you may rarely be using a certain attachment you may be better off renting than buying. Discuss your options with a dealer and determine which options will work best in your situation.

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4. Check out Resale Value. If you ever plan on selling the unit later on then resale value will also be an important consideration. Certain brands/makes will be more likely to hold their value and proper maintenance will inevitably play a role here as well. Do some research by browsing for used skid steers for sale online to determine what their resale value is like and never take the dealers word regarding resale value.