The Rapid Growth Of The Internet Has Made E-Commerce The New Smart

The Rapid Growth Of The Internet Has Made E-Commerce The New Smart

There is a paradigm shift happening today with the BOOM in internet business. You have new businesses starting online all most every day. Most of your everyday storefronts are closing and only doing business online. Why is that? One reason could be the change in the economy. For a business owner in today’s economy, you can save a lot of money only doing business online, depending on your business. You save on overhead, employees; you can stay open 24 hours and much more. In today’s world you can take care of just about every one of your shopping needs online. A survey conducted showed that roughly 22.3 % of all Adult Americans are relaying to the Internet before they decide what to buy and where to buy it. That number will soon be increasing because the web is becoming an important part of this world; almost every person has a computer in their home in today’s society.

Business owners are being forced to close their store fronts due to competition online. For a lot of stores it is not just the economy hurting them, but their competitors who are moving ahead full steam with the internet. As technology goes ahead, the way of doing business has changed too. Today’s online businesses are responsible for most of the revenue generated online which is now called E-Commerce. Take a store like Circuit City, everyone thought they had went out of business but they instead took advantage of this amazing wave!

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E-Commerce consists of the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. The purchasing and selling of products over the internet has growing tremendously over the past 10 years. For example the way we purchase travel has evolved and became so easy today. Instead of going to an office or store to purchase travel you can now go online, purchase your travel and save a lot of time and money. This same concept is now happening with the everyday things we purchase from our favorite stores. New stores are being born on the internet that is similar to our favorite stores and sometimes cheaper. This is where competition becomes big with the businesses that has been around a long time with new businesses. Then you also have companies like Amazon and eBay who is taking e-commerce to the next level. Not to mention the growth in social media that helps the marketing with a lot of these online businesses.

E-Commerce is going to continue growing rather you or business owners accept it or not. My friends, welcome to the new world of buying and selling! 52% of the dollar made online comes from travel; the other 48% comes from e-commerce. You can now take care of all your shopping needs online with the click of buttons while saving time and money. Everyone wants to save time and money. Find out more about using an e-commerce shopping cart to do it.

The Future of Shopping is Here!

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