The Art of Cosmetic Dentistry

The Art of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most useful and purposeful innovations of modern dental science. This is a method that not only cures several conditions of dental health but contributes as much to the confidence and self esteem of all those who do not have the best of natural dental beauty.

Initially a dentist to all of us meant a doctor who took care of a cavity or an extraction of a decaying tooth. They were to heal whatever was there.

So why do we need cosmetic dentists anyway? What difference will they make and how?

But cosmetic surgeons and dentists have changed all that. They are here to offer added advantages of technology and research by which they can alter and enhance your dental setting and alignments.

There are many of uses who may not have a decaying tooth but are born with a dental alignment of the teeth that makes us uncomfortable to even smile wholeheartedly.

There are others who may have suffered a severe injury that has left behind indelible effects on the teeth and gums as well. In these cases there are several dental implants too that could be of advantage.

Cosmetic dentistry has also ushered innovative ways of teeth whitening methods that will make your teeth look sparkling white and clean.

Teeth Whitening Systems

There are several factors that lead to the formation of stains and bacterial growth on our teeth. Bacterial growth like plaque and tartar can also develop on the teeth and form colored patches.

All of these factors can lead to temporary discoloration that makes the tooth look ugly and unclean. Moreover a continued state like this could also lead to further infection at the roots.

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However cosmetic dentistry has modern solutions that could take care of each of these problems. There are teeth whitening systems that include lotions and gels that are applied on the teeth. There are machines and even light systems that are applied on them to reveal the true color of your natural teeth – absolute white.

This is also helpful because it rids the tooth of all the bacterial formations and stains that leads to discoloration.

Dental Implants

There are people who may have certain conditions that are induced by accidents or even deformities from birth.

There can be alignment problems of the teeth settings and even broken edges that can be painful. There are people who have gaps between tooth that makes it difficult for speech as well as affects their looks.

There are solutions cosmetic dentists can provide for all such situations and more with the fast advancements and progress that research in dental science is making each day.

There are minor surgical procedures that can be undertaken by cosmetic dentists to realign a tooth or even the entire row of several teeth to give it a neat and clean look. This will also make it easy to maintain dental hygiene.

The use of veneers or small and very thin porcelain laminates can hide gaps between teeth. There are also procedures where cosmetic dentists can reshape a broken tooth and restore the enamel of the same.

Cosmetic dentistry is a new age innovation that makes a person look good about the way they smile and talk. This also helps in nurturing their self esteem and confidence

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