Sun Protection Tips – Shopping Tips For Buying Sunscreen

Sun Protection Tips – Shopping Tips For Buying Sunscreen

The holidays are upon us again and outdoor games and sports beckon all of us to stay out – just a little bit longer. While it is tempting to try and use all the extra day-light hours to catch maximum fun in the sun, it is also important to understand how being out for long hours can affect your skin.

Tanning aside, the sun’s rays contain ultra-violet radiation that is harmful for young skin, especially for babies and children below 10 years of age.

Older children too need to understand the basics of skin care and sun protection to keep skin-cancer, excessive tanning and dehydration risks at bay – and teach these to their younger friends and family members.

When looking around for the smartest summer T-shirts and sport-shoes you can buy this summer, do think about some sun-safety with a good quality sun-screen lotion or cream. And guys, these are not always for girls only, so don’t think you’ll be a sissy if you dab on some before going out in the sun. From cricketers to tennis players to ramp models and marathon runners alike – there are Alpha males using sunscreen today because they know the dangers of excessive sun exposure, so take a tip or two from them, why don’t you?

Top Tips for shopping for Sunscreen:

When shopping for sunscreen lotion or sun-block, look for the highest SPF you can find.

Some shopkeepers may say that creams with an SPF 30 or more are unnecessary, but it doesn’t hurt to be extra careful especially if you live in a country like India, where the warm tropical and sultry climate can easily give you a feel of extended summer even December, especially if you live down South. Australians will probably know what that’s like, what with celebrating Christmas in summer when its chilly winter in this part of the hemisphere!

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So, remember, in order to stay sun-safe, the first step is getting a cream with a higher SPF; this also means better protection if you don’t apply the right amount of sunscreen.