Successful Father’s Day Shopping – 8 Easy Tips For Finding That Special Gift

Successful Father’s Day Shopping – 8 Easy Tips For Finding That Special Gift

Every year I struggle with an idea of what to buy for my husband for Father’s Day. So finally I asked him. What tips would you give to women who are trying to buy a great gift for their Father or Husband? Here’s what he said that men like.


UNIQUE PRODUCTS Go for a unique item that he can put on his desk such as a large mineral that can be used as a paperweight. Any man that has office meetings would appreciate a unique desk accessory which will look cool and provide a great conversation starter for those times when a little small talk is required.


USEFUL PRODUCTS Men like useful gifts. He said that more than once. I get it. Useful, useful, useful. So, another blue tie is out. In, he says, are things like bookends, clocks or gadgets.


GET MASCULINE No girly items for Father’s Day. Go for big and bold with manly colors.


GO NATURAL Men who love the outdoors or the “go green” movement will love natural products like rock bookends, mineral spheres, or wood frames.


NO TIES Really, do I need to explain?


GADGET DECOR Men love big television sets, DVRs and stereos so why not dress them up with some beautiful, natural home accents? Fill spaces on your entertainment center with beautiful home accents like decorative agate stone bookends or mineral sphere.


SHOP WITH THE CHILDREN With a little guidance children can do a great job shopping for Daddy. Their minds remember everything he has mentioned for months and you may be amazed at the items they choose because “Daddy said he liked it.”

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ONE OF A KIND Pick something for the man you love that is truly one of a kind. Rock and mineral home accents are unique because every rock is slightly different. You are sure to please him with a one of a kind gift!


Follow these tips and you are sure to find a great gift that he will never forget.  For more information on unique gifts for men that are made of natural rocks and minerals, visit GivernyOnline and our Gifts for Men section.