Shopping Tips For Dramatic Home Improvement Value

Shopping Tips For Dramatic Home Improvement Value

To begin with, don’t assume that you have to have a general contractor to get things done. Many DIY stores can help you learn to do things yourself and they offer good prices to regular customers, too.

Don’t turn over your project to a contractor along with an open checkbook. If you do this you will pay top dollar for everything. Your contractor will reserve any savings for his own wallet.

Do the buying for your projects. Some contractors hate it because they can’t cheat easily. But it makes it a lot easier for you to control costs.

Another thing you can do to save money is to look at your plans and see if there is anything you can reuse.

For example bathroom cabinets are pretty standard but the current fashion is for cabinets to be 36 inches high. Consider raising the existing cabinet on some sort of platform or legs and painting it. It can save you hundreds of dollars.

Kitchen cabinets can be either refaced or painted for a new look.

Stone slab counter tops are really expensive. But stone tiles that are usually used for flooring are cheaper. Butcher-block counters are both cheaper and really functional. They would be a great option for practical remodeling.

For flooring look and see what’s on sale. There might be a perfectly acceptable option that would save you lots of money. Avoid plastic or vinyl. It is really bad at resale.

Don’t add on to your house. Any addition that you make will add ridiculous costs to your project. You will also have to get more permits and regulators involved, too.

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Try to avoid wallpaper. It shows its age fast. There are lots of houses in this country that have dated wallpaper in kitchens that most potential buyers hate. So then the houses don’t sell. Stay away from wallpaper.

Plain paint is easier and cheaper, and it can be touched up or changed any time you want, too.

Do your own painting. It’s not really difficult and your DIY store can help you with the details. It’s a good way to make a big change for a little money.

See if you can build in storage into your space yourself. It’s really easier than you might think. Old TV armoires can make great closets or pantries now that TVs are smaller and take up less room.

Pick basic neutral colors for permanent fixtures so you can change your style any time you want. Hotels and apartments generally install white bathroom fixtures and change the d?�cor around them when necessary. You can do this, too.

It’s pretty easy to finish sheet rock, too. But because it’s messy many people think it’s a lot better to hire pros for this.

Hire plumbers and electricians for specific things and pay them when you see that things are working properly. It may be easy for you to put up a new light fixture or set a new toilet, but if you need a new electrical or plumbing line run it’s good to get a licensed pro.

On a recent job we bought all the supplies to refinish a bath for $220. We still have to buy a couple of gallons of paint, but our old bath will soon have a new look from floor to ceiling. We are keeping the cabinet, the old white toilet and the shower. We are getting a new floor, new paint, and new lights.

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Anyone can make this happen and they can do it for a lot less money, too. You can get value if you try and have the space and d?�cor you want.