Shopping Tips for Buying Greenhouse Accessories

Shopping Tips for Buying Greenhouse Accessories

There is an amazing variety of greenhouse accessories that allow you to show off your greenhouse to its very fullest potential, and also repair it.

These tend to fall into three main categories:

1) Glazing Accessories

These are useful to fix problems with broken greenhouse panes, and also if your greenhouse is a few years old and is starting to creak a little at the seams. Also sometimes replacing some of the older panels or changing the clips that keeps the polycarbonate panels in place can really help keep your greenhouse looking fresh.

2) Supports and Fixing Aids

These fix some of the other problems that aren’t directly related to the panels on the greenhouse itself. Such as the insulation properties of the greenhouse and also materials to allow the greenhouse to not overheat in very warm weather.

3) Spare Parts

Sometimes the greenhouse is working just fine, but you have hundreds of hours’ worth of work invested into the plants that are contained in the greenhouse, and so you might want to buy some spare parts, just in case something does go wrong. Having them to hand would mean that you could instantly fix the problem, and none of your plants would be damaged by having to wait for a spare part to arrive to fix a problem.

There are a number of ways that you can help yourself to a better deal on the wide array of greenhouse accessories:

1) Negotiate a discount from the company you bought your greenhouse from

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The actual purchase price of your greenhouse is likely to be well in excess of $500, and many greenhouses actually cost in excess of $10,000! So the sale is extremely significant to which ever company you purchase it from.

Before you have bought it you have a great deal of leverage over the company, because the profit on selling greenhouses is substantial.

So try to make sure that you make full use of that leverage by seeing if you can either negotiate an ongoing discount off any of the other accessories that they sell for your greenhouse, or get some of the accessories thrown into the pot as a condition for you purchasing the greenhouse from them.

2) Comparison Shop for the Items

Most of the accessories that are available for greenhouses are not unique items, and as such are available on a number of different websites.

There are comparison shopping engines online (Google has one for example) which allow you to compare the prices of an item on multiple different websites simultaneously.

It is common to find that by using these services you will be able to save substantial sums of money off of the cost of any greenhouse accessories that you may need.

3) Bulk Buy!

Another tip is to think through all of the different accessories that you may need and then contact different suppliers to see if they will give you a discount for a bulk purchase.

Whether they will or not will depend on the particular supplier in question, but asking is free, and you may just be able to negotiate yourself a bargain!

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4) Don’t Just Use the Internet – Visit Garden Centers and Home Improvement Stores As Well

It is easy in this internet age to become solely focused with online buying. But the fact is that there are many massive garden centers and home improvement stores dotted around the country who also carry a full range of accessories for greenhouses.

Make sure that you also check with these stores to see if they have any current deals on the accessories you need.