Shopping Tips at the Grocery Store

Shopping Tips at the Grocery Store

We all need to shop for groceries. Why not do it smartly?

Here are few shopping tips at the grocery store that will save you time and money.


Determine how much you will spend. Knowing exactly how much you can spend on groceries will help you avoid impulse buys. You will also be able to manage the rest of your household expenses better if you have a firm idea of how much you are able to spend on your groceries.

Know what you need

Check your cupboards and find out what you’re out of and what’s running low. Open the fridge and check what’s lacking or missing. Knowing what you need to buy will save you repeat trips to the store. This will save you time, effort and gas.

Plan your Weekly Menu

Knowing what you will be cooking for the week to come can be of great help in determining what purchases will be necessary. While there are a few staples in your home, a variety of food is a must for every household.

If you plan in advance what recipes you will be trying out next week, you save time on deciding what to cook and running to the store because you missed one ingredient.

You’ll have all the ingredients you’ll need if you plan your menu in advance.

Make a list

As important as making a list is, keeping to it is even more important. There will be temptations galore in the grocery. Buy only what is in your list. This will help you avoid making rash purchases of things you don’t really need. Impulse buying can really affect your budget if you’re not careful enough to avoid them.

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Grocery owners know that many shoppers are unable to resist temptation and thus, put them directly in the path. Keep a tight hold on your list and go directly to the items you need. Always keep in mind the difference between what you need and what you want.


Never, ever go to the grocery when you are hungry. This is a rule that cannot be emphasized enough. Always eat before you go to the grocery.

When you’re hungry, you tend to concentrate on food. The grocery is full of food items and you may not be able to resist buying more than what is in your list. Can you say impulse buy? When that happens, you can say goodbye to your budget.

Ask for Help

If you can’t find a particular product, ask for help from the store personnel. They can lead you right to what you need. Browsing the shelves may lead you to purchasing items that are not in your list. The more you interact with a product, the higher the probability that you will purchase it.

Don’t put yourself in temptation’s way. Go straight to the products that you need.

Dare to Experiment

Sure, there are some brands that we all swear by, but do consider other brands. Better yet, try some of the in-store brands. In-store brands cost far less than regular brands. Chances are, they’ll be equally good, too. They won’t look as pretty as your preferred brand but if they’re just as good and cheaper, why worry about what it looks like?

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Coupon cutting and other promotions

Coupons and other store promotions like sales can really make a difference in the long run. Cut coupons for the items you need. Don’t buy an item because the product is on sale. Buy an item because you need the product. Having coupons for the items you need is just a win-win situation.

Watch out for sales. If you can afford to stockpile on your favorite non-perishable items, buy as much as you can.

Balance Quality with Quantity and Cost

Striking a balance between quality, quantity and cost can be quite an act. Often, quality is sacrificed at the expense of cost. If you’re looking to buy fresh produce like fruits and vegetables, go to your local market. They’re more likely to have fresher produce from local growers. They’ll be more affordable too.

You should also bear in mind that a larger container does not mean that you are saving more. Compare what the unit price comes down to before buying that huge bottle of fabric conditioner. There are occasions when buying the smaller containers is cheaper than getting the huge one. Check what the price per milliliter or per milligram comes down to. You just might be surprised.