Save Money by Looking After the Pennies!

Save Money by Looking After the Pennies!

In these times of financial hardship, balancing a monthly budget is not an easy thing to do. Sometimes. we can forget the smaller aspects of our monthly expenditure, and every little helps when it comes to saving money.

1. Bank Account. Take a look at your bank account, do you pay a monthly charge for having a ‘special’ bank account, which gives you a list of extra benefits, none of which you ever use? If this is the case, change your account and lose the standing charge.

2. Always check your bank statements. Numerous mistakes are made but are never noticed because people fail to check. Also, make sure you cancel a direct debit at the bank, and never rely on the individual company to cancel it for you.

3. Free 30 day Trials. We have all signed up for a free 30 day trial online, but please always remember to cancel it well before the end of the trial. You might find when you are checking your bank statements that you are paying every month for something you thought was free!

4. Store Cards. Do not fall into the trap of using store cards, unless you can afford to pay the balance off in full. The interest and late payment fees are atrocious.

5. Gym Membership. If you only go to the gym once in a blue moon, cancel your membership. Go outside and exercise in the fresh air, its free.

6. Car Wash. Whenever possible wash your car yourself, it not only saves money, but you are getting more of that outside exercise!.

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7. Take Away Food. Save your money by cutting down on take away food. It really is so much cheaper and healthier in some cases, to cook your own meals.

8. Grocery Shopping. There are numerous ways to cut down the shopping bill. Shop weekly, not monthly, you will only buy what you need and waste less. Buy store brands where appropriate, and only ever bulk buy on non-perishables.

9. Cleaning Products. A significant saving can be made by exchanging some of your usual cleaning products for natural alternatives. Bicarbonate of soda makes a carpet deodoriser, cleans the taps, the toilet and you can sprinkle it down the drain with some white vinegar. White spirit vinegar and water mixed together in a spray bottle cleans your mirrors and any glass topped furniture. Soda crystals can be added to the detergent drawer in your washing machine and it helps to get stubborn stains out of your clothes. If you make a warm solution of soda crystals it can be used for cleaning stained cooker tops or badly stained pans and dishes.

10. Delivery Costs. When shopping online only ever use sites that offer free delivery.

11. Library. Make good use of your local library, not just for borrowing your books, but most libraries offer a free internet service. Try to always get your books back on time to save paying the fine.

12. Stamps. Always buy 2nd Class stamps and post your letters a day earlier.

13. Home Delivery. Take advantage of free home delivery for your grocery shopping, you are saving the cost of your petrol and the parking charges.

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14. Parking. Set the time that your parking ticket runs out into your mobile as an alarm setting, then you will never have to pay a parking fine.

I sincerely hope that some of these suggestions have been helpful to you. If you would like some more useful tips, please check out my website. Thank you. Sue Ryan.