Practical HDTV Shopping Tips

Practical HDTV Shopping Tips

In recent years, there has been a decline in the cost of LCD TVs. But, before you splurge all your hard earned cash on the wrong HDTV, you should take a look at some of the practical HDTV shopping tips.

Look at the Screen

When it comes to TVs, screen is everything. In the case of HDTVs, these can either come in the form of rear or front projection. Rear projection TVs have been around since the 70’s, but since it couldn’t match the sharpness of CRT’s, it didn’t become popular to the consumers. Recently, the designs was greatly improved and Rear projection TVs became sharper and lighter than their predecessors.

Front projection TVs on the other hand are a different story. This type of TV is said to be closest that you will get to a theatre experience at home. This is simply because a projector is used to project the video onto a suitably prepared wall for viewing. Unlike conventional TVs, the projector is separate from the screen in this type of TV.

At present, flat panel HDTVs have emerged as the most popular. Not only is the picture attractive in flat panel TVs, the price is noticeably much cheaper today. In fact, it is at an average of 20 percent cheaper as compared past years.

Plasma or LCD?

There are various HDTV shopping tips on the net but not all state the differences between Plasma and LCD.

Plasma. These HDTVs have sizes that range from 37 inches diagonally to a whopping 150 inch sets. Home Theatre anyone? At present, the most expensive plasma tv’s have a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080. But, to maximize the viewing experience, you have to remember that the smaller the screen size the closer you must sit to get that beautiful picture.

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LCD. This ranges from 15-inch to 65-inch screens with built in speakers and TV tuners. One thing that you will notice about LCD’s is that it is relatively a few inches thicker than plasma’s. But, the upside is that with LCD’s you have the freedom to set it up anywhere you want.

Check the Specs

Perhaps the most outlined in any HDTV shopping tips is the need to inspect the specs. This is because you simply do not want a TV that you will regret buying in the future. Things such as Contrast ratio, Aspect ratio, and video inputs should be looked into when you decide to buy an HDTV.

HDTV shopping tips exist to guide you in buying that dream TV. Go through them carefully and apply it to your next HDTV purchase.