Money-Saving Shopping Tips for Online Shoppers

Money-Saving Shopping Tips for Online Shoppers

Shopping online is so convenient that it can be easy to get carried away. Simply add items to a virtual shopping card, enter payment information, and the purchases are delivered to the doorstep. While the process may be simple, it becomes even more appealing when money is saved. Here are some tips for finding the best products at the lowest prices. Follow these and save money while shopping from home.

Timing Is Everything When It Comes to Finding the Best Deals

The Web never sleeps but shoppers need razor-sharp timing in order to save money. Retailers tend to post online coupons at the beginning and end of each month. Log on at approximately the second and 27 or 28 of each month to get coupon and discount codes for use online. Most online retailers post sales on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays to get a jump on their brick-and-mortar competition. Shop online during these days and reap the savings.

There are even special days to shop based on product. Personal shopping experts claim that Wednesday is the day to purchase shoes on sale. Shopping for a handbag on Thursday results in an average discount of 36 percent. Swimsuit shoppers will find the lowest prices on a Sunday. They can save approximately 52 percent, a substantial discount considering prices of the most popular swimwear.

Be a Smart Searcher

When shopping online, it all boils down to the quality of the search. If searching for jewelry or apparel, use a specialized search engine, not a major one like Google. This searches retailer sites and returns a list of stores that carry the desired item. Some of these sites even provide alerts when prices fall. Be specific with search terms, including the size and style number if known.

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To get straight to the deals, register with sites that serve as personal shoppers. These record sizes, preferred brands, and favorite items of the shopper. Personalized deals are announced via email so there is no need to do any searching. Registering with an online retailer at checkout can yield the same results so do not skip this step.

According to experts, registering to receive retailer newsletters is the fast route to excellent discounts. Following a retailer on Twitter or liking its Facebook page may also result in purchase and shipping discounts and advance notice of sales. Signing up for price alerts qualifies as one of the before-and-after shopping tips because some retailers make price adjustments on prior purchases.