Massage Chair Therapy Guide

Massage Chair Therapy Guide

Massage therapy is probably one of the oldest methods of healing and rejuvenation. Its roots can be traced back to 2000 BC where it was used by the Romans. It has been used as a method to help ease aches, pains and relieve tension in the body. With the advance of technology, massage chairs are now available which include many massage techniques as well as supplemental treatments for wellness.

Back Massage: One of the more prominent areas for massage is the back. The low back is particularly important. It tends to take the most stress of the body. This can come from poor posture, improper lifting techniques or injury. Massage chairs use a roller system to provide different massage techniques for the back. When the low back is stiff, a rolling massage can provide good relief by stretching and elongate in the lower back muscles and soft tissues between the cervical discs.

Shoulder & Neck Massage: Many people have tension and stiffness in their shoulders and neck. The muscles become tight and tense. A kneading massage is used to help loosen the tight muscles of the shoulders and neck. This provides a side to side squeezing motion which is very soothing and relaxing.

Shiatsu: Shiatsu is a technique which originated in Japan. It uses acupoints to help relax the total body. The acupoints are stimulated which relieves tension and other parts of the body. This technique also includes other massage movements to help provide invigoration of the muscles and soft tissue areas.

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Reflexology: Reflexology utilizes trigger points located in the hands or the feet. These trigger points are related to other major organs in the body. Massage chairs generally concentrate on the feet. They use reflexology nodes to stimulate the trigger points in the feet. This helps to relax their corresponding major organ.

Compression Massage: Air compression massage is used to provide a gentle squeezing action to the larger muscles in the body. Generally it targets the arms, hands, legs and feet. The air compression is run from a compressor which activates specially designed airbags throughout the recliner.

Stretching: Many of the better massage chairs contained a stretching system. These stretching systems are usually for the lower body. The feet are held in the leg rest using airbags. Next the leg rest is raised to its top position. It is then lowered to a number of different points. Each point helps to stretch out the legs from the hips to the ankles.

Application of Heat: Heat therapy is popular in sports medicine to help reduce swelling and enhance blood circulation. Many massage chairs are now incorporating heating elements to apply heat to different parts of the body.

Music Therapy: Music is typically used in massage therapy to help the mind relax. The soothing rhythm of soft music helps to distract the mind off of its troubles. When the mind relaxes is, it helps to release tension in the body making it more responsive to the massage therapy.

These are some of the major components that you should consider when looking for a massage chair. These recliners are integrating more therapeutic treatments in order to enhance the overall massage therapy. Make a list of the most important features and make sure that the massage chair you are considering meats your minimum requirements.

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