Looking at Power Assisted Liposculpture

Looking at Power Assisted Liposculpture

There are many different types of cosmetic surgery out there, and it’s almost always a better idea to go with the newer and less invasive methods then relying on the older and often even obsolete methods. The reason for this is that the new “non-surgical” methods are much safer in addition to often being much more effective in their intended cause. One such example is with power assisted liposculpture, which is often abbreviated as “pal” for short. When this procedure is started, the cannula instead of being powered completely manually actually is powered to gently shake and break up the fat cells, making it easier on the cosmetic surgeon who doesn’t need to put in nearly as much effort and also can now concentrate on accuracy and precision.

Some people might refer to power assisted liposuction as being non-surgical, but this is not technically true. This cosmetic procedure is considered minimally invasive, or low impact, but with any type of liposuction surgery there is going to be an incision made. Now with modern methods only local anesthetic is needed with many of these cases, and the amount of swelling is greatly reduced. While having a “power assisted” method can definitely sound high impact, intimidating, or dangerous, it really isn’t, especially compared to 20 or 30 years ago.

That being said, every single type of cosmetic surgery has some risk. Because of this, anyone considering an of these medical procedures should always understand the risks ahead of time and not write them off lightly. Surgery is still surgery even if it is low impact and even if being put under is no longer necessary.

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Power assisted liposculpture should only be performed by a trained and licensed cosmetic surgeon who has extensive experience using this method. This helps to guarantee your safety in addition to getting you the best possible work done possible.

Many people prefer the pal method when it comes to liposculpture, although you will always find fans of other methods as well. There’s no clear cut study saying that one is better than the other, but low impact is definitely the way to go and if you are exploring your options when it comes to this particular type of procedure then it is extremely important to make sure that you cover not only the safest and best options, but that you simply look at everything in order to make the best possible decision.