It is Possible to Receive Some Professional Services at a Reduced Rate Or Even For Free

It is Possible to Receive Some Professional Services at a Reduced Rate Or Even For Free

All of her adult life Rosa had felt very embarrassed regarding the appearance of her teeth and as a result of that she was reluctant to smile or even engage in an animated conversation that would reveal her teeth. Growing up in a family that had little extra money for anything other than the most necessary medical care had forced Rosa to just carry on and get along the best she could manage. However, as luck would have it, when she was encouraged by her best friend to seek a consultation with a Chicago cosmetic dentist he assisted her greatly. Although he was unable to help her directly he immediately recommended his close friend, an Evanston cosmetic dentist who offered his services at quite a reduced rate to anyone who had a great need for teeth restoration and who would be willing to wait until he could fit them into his schedule. The only thing he asked in return would be a photograph of Rosa before the work performed in his office and after his work on her teeth to display in his patient album so he would be able to show future clients the results of his handiwork.

Although this is not a very common practice, it is still possible to find a bargain for trained professionals who will make it possible for a person with limited means to attain their services. In the poor economic environment today there are business owners who have designated a certain day once a year or even every few months to offer their services for free. A few of these services are:

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• Hairstylists – Some communities have such low unemployment rates that even a haircut can be considered a luxury. Knowing how important looking nice is to the self-esteem of anyone, particularly someone seeking a job, many beauty salons offer free makeovers and hair styling on a regular basis to someone who can show proof of need.

• Medical Care – Physicians have long been known for volunteering to travel to neighboring countries to provide their services for free as evidenced by the group Doctors without Borders. However, a new trend is for doctors in the United States to agree to volunteer to see even one or two patients on a regular basis who need their particular area of expertise but would do without treatment because they cannot afford to pay for it and they have no medical insurance.

• Financial Counselors – Some counselors have come forth to offer free counseling to folks who have made poor economic decisions and now find themselves in a financial mess. Sometimes these people have never had any kind of guidance in the areas of creating a budget or developing a savings plan and just a few tips that are directed individually to them can make such a difference in how their finances are viewed.

• Attorneys – Lawyers have long been known for offering services to clients who have no means to pay them. Although this is just a small part of the work they do, most attorneys are willing to take on a few of these clients each year.