Is a Gucci Messenger Bag the Best Out There?

Is a Gucci Messenger Bag the Best Out There?

Gucci is a long standing luxury designer of fashion and accessories, since the 1920s when it started with leather goods and luggage items in particular.

Gucci originated from Florence and is nowadays the best loved Italian designer brand. It owes its success, because it has evolved in the fashion trends through out the times and yet kept its iconic and stylish flair. Gucci bags are renowned worldwide and are very sought after.

Back in the days, a messenger bag was far from being considered as a fashion accessory. In the contrary, it was very much just a practical utility bag mainly used by messenger or postal workers -that is where its name comes from-. It slowly got adopted by an urban and sporty population and as cycling to work became such a trend within the city office workers community, this crossover bag finally became a must-have fashion item.

It became a great replacement to a backpack and grew in popularity. Designer brands started to see the opportunity and jump the wagon which accelerated the demand for it even further. It has particularly worked well for men fashion: men had to found a way to carry all their gadgets without having to feel feminine wearing a bag.

Since men like quality and simple design, a Gucci Messenger Bag seemed to come at the right time. Leather bags are popular for men. It makes them look trendy with class, they look professional, serious and successful. The color needs to remain sober for them, in general brown or black.

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Then, women also wanted bigger versatile and practical bags: its Gucci collection for these types of bags has generally a unisex look. Women love designer brands, so Gucci is also doing well here. There are even Gucci diaper bags, can you believe it!

A Gucci Leather messenger bag is perfect for men or women. A canvas bag is also great for kids. A lot of youngsters enjoy swapping their school bag for a Gucci not, if it helps them taking better care of their books and studies!?

Gucci has also extended their range to include great looking leather laptop ones, so now not only trendy executive can carry a Gucci Messenger Bag but scholars and teachers are also starting to invest in a Gucci bag too to look hip!

Gucci quality of material and craftsmanship puts the brand ahead of all other designers.