How to Get a Safe Tan

How to Get a Safe Tan

There may be a lot of times when you would have done a lot of experiments to your skin. Many of them choose laser surgery, or cosmetic surgery, which might have turned out to be helpful. However, others might be just disastrous experiments. To add an attractive look to your skin, you may prefer a tan. However, people may argue whether there is something such as a ‘safe’ tan. You can get tanned skin through exposure to the sun. However, these ultra violet rays are harmful for your skin. So, how do you get a safe tan?

According to many people, there is no doubt about the fact that tanning is unhealthy for your skin. It is actually the damaged cells that make you look tanned. Therefore, it is a clear indication that your skin is being damaged. This may be correct, but not totally. The truth is that when you are exposed to the sun’s rays, ultraviolet radiations stimulate cells called melanocytes. These secrete a dark pigment called melanin to protect your skin from damage. It is through melanin that you get a dark tinge on your skin. Getting a tan from sun might not be as harmful as you think if you keep a few considerations in your mind.

Firstly, you need to use a sunscreen. Without using one, do not even think of stepping into the sun! Many people may believe sunscreen and sunblock is the same thing. However, the truth is they are two different products. Sunscreen is SPF rated. The Sun Protection Factor depends on your skin type. Men usually have harder skin than women. Therefore, they need a sunscreen of higher degree. The SPF is like a border to the sun’s rays. Depending on the number, it lets some of the rays enter your skin and blocks the rest. As for the sunblock, it blocks all the sun’s rays from entering your skin. When you go to the store to fetch one, make sure you do not buy a SPF listed package, because a real sunblock will not need it.

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The next important thing is the UV index. Ranging from 0 to 10+, this is a scale of the extent of UV rays. Before you go outdoors to sunbathe, check the weather report for the UV index. The higher the number of this index, the more harmful the sun’s rays would be. When you are considering a suntan, you should move when the UV index is low. On days when the index is quite high, your skin might burn and peel.

You also have to consider your skin type. People, who have a skin that is lightly colored, do not take longer than 15 minutes to get a tan. Exposure to the sun longer than that can make their skin burn. When you are done tanning, you should moisturize your skin. Moisturizing helps in keeping the tan for a longer time. However, when you moisturize, do not go for the moisturizers which contain mineral oils in them.

Tanning your skin through sunbathing is a great option to make your skin radiant. Go for a safer tan, and enjoy beautiful skin!