Holiday Shopping Tips

Holiday Shopping Tips

Tips to protect your identity during the holiday season

Travel light and take only what you need. One credit card or bankcard, or maybe one or two checks should do the trick. Don’t take your checkbook, and never carry your Social Security card.

Replace a big handbag with a small one, or override your vanity and wear a fanny pack. Keep your purse close to your body, preferably with the strap crossing your chest. Never carry your purse over your shoulder and dangling behind you.

Men, move your wallets. You might think you’d feel someone lifting your wallet from behind, but it’s a sure bet nobody’s going to get their hand into your front pocket without startling you!

Mailing your greeting cards at the post office is safer than mailing them from home, especially when sending gift cards or checks. Choose a post office drop box with lots of room at the top so no one can reach in and grab your mail.

Other personal safety tips that also protect your identity

Never leave your purse in the car where it’s visible. It’s safer to lock your purse in the trunk, but don’t do it in a parking lot where everyone can see you.

When you’re pumping gas, take the card you need for pay-at-the-pump out of your wallet, and lock the car as soon as you get out.

Never walk from a shopping center into the parking lot alone. If you don’t see a security guard near the exit, flag down a mall security patrol car and ask the guard to follow you to your car. If nothing else, ask another shopper to stand just outside the door and watch while you walk to your car. In exchange, offer to drive back to the exit and follow her to her own car.

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