Helpful Tips For Buying a New Fishing Reel

Helpful Tips For Buying a New Fishing Reel

Tips on buying fishing reels would consist of quite a few points to consider. The sport of fishing has evolved greatly and finding the most suitable equipment for your venture may be tougher than it was in the past. Are you buying a fishing reel for an expert fisherman or a novice? What type of fish are you fishing for taking size and weight into consideration? Will your fishing trip take you to a lake or stream? These are some general questions to consider but let’s focus on some specific key tips on buying a fishing reel.

There are different types of fishing reels on the market today. The spinning reel is the most common of reels and is great for general use. The design of the reel was made for the comfort of the fisherman but it does take some skill to master the use. Fishing line has the tendency to become tangled if you do not have the experience with this type of reel. This is not a reel for a beginner.

The spin casting reel is a good beginner’s reel. Reason being is that the design has been improved upon to eliminate most line issues. One major difference between the spinning reel and the spin casting reel is the casting distance. A spinning reel can be cast a longer distance than the spin casting reel which would be an advantage for most anglers. A beginner would not need the distance as much as they would need the confidence of casting a line successfully.

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Other tips for buying a fishing reel to consider would be the gear ratio and the amount of bearings the reels are designed with. The amount of bearings will determine the smoothness of the reel. In general the more bearings, the smoother the reel. The gear ratio is the number of rotations of the reel after a full crank. If you need to bring your lure back in quickly, a reel with a higher ratio will be necessary. Bottom fishing may not require a higher gear ratio.

The size of the reel is another important point. Depending on the type of fish you are fishing for should determine the size of test line you will be using. Different size reels will accommodate different size test line. If you are going to use six to ten pound test line choose a medium size reel.

One last tip would be to make sure that the reel you choose has an anti-reverse handle. An anti-reverse handle means the handle will not spin backwards as you are setting the hook and possibly causing you to loose the trophy fish.

These are just a few tips that are worth keeping in mind when you are ready to buy a fishing reel. If possible ask questions about the product you are going to purchase. Fishing is a fun and exciting sport that should be enjoyed to the fullest. Don’t let a fishing reel turn your fishing trip into one that you might not have wanted to take.