Gucci’s Iconic Symbols of Elegance

Gucci’s Iconic Symbols of Elegance

Gucci styling is unmistakable; offering luxurious touches to the finest materials is what Gucci does best. Through diligent designing, this Italian watch maker has incorporated some timeless features. The GG, the Horsebit, and the Bamboo are all important elements of their creations. These iconic symbols give their collections a common theme of opulence and artistic flare.

The GG symbol was inspired after Gucci’s founder Guccio Gucci, and was introduced into the line in the early 1960’s. The double G design was infused into Gucci handbags, scarves, and timepieces. The GG would show up as either a monogrammed pattern or as hardware and metal accents to the pieces. Today, Gucci’s watches may have the GG displayed on the dial, as a link of the bracelet, or as a monogram. This figure has been transformed several ways, appearing in abstract, inverted positions, back to back, and assimilating as a circle. The Gucci double G is a strong and powerful design element in all of Gucci’s creations, including their timepieces.

Another legendary ingredient of Gucci design is Bamboo. Originally used in Gucci creations during World War II, bamboo was added to Gucci’s pieces out of necessity. The craftsmen were challenged to design products, which met Gucci’s high quality standards, but times were tough. The addition of bamboo in their collections brilliant and showed to the world, just how talented these Italian craftsmen were. The bamboo accent was taken from handles to their handbags in 1947 to becoming part of their beautifully printed scarves. This look has even made appearances in their watch lines. The bamboo bangle bracelet watch is one of Gucci’s most recognizable designs.

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Finally, one of Gucci’s most vintage designs comes in the form of the Gucci horsebit. The horsebit element was first born in the 1950’s. Initially the horsebit would be seen on heave leather item, which Gucci produced. The horsebit style made an appearance on the leather moccasins, which Gucci produced in 1853. The style was so popular that it was worn by Hollywood legends, such as Fred Astaire, John Wayne, and Clark Gable. The horsebit element can be seen in many of Gucci watch designs, crafted into unique and elegant watch straps.

Gucci’s style is timeless, and the relevance of these iconic symbols, today, is proof of that.