Gucci Watches – Now and Forever!

Gucci Watches – Now and Forever!

I know a person who is an ardent fan of Gucci watches – my aunt. My aunt is a person who admires fashion and things of aesthetic appeal. Those who know her love her endlessly for that. But Auntie had a special liking towards designer watches. Her collection is worth mentioning due to its impressive nature. It had the power to make anyone feel jealous.

When my aunt was just twelve years of age, she started building her impressive collection and continues to do so. At seventeen she received a gift, a designer Gucci watch given to her by her boyfriend, who is now her husband. He could easily afford one due to the wealthy status of his father. His father was a diplomat. Auntie was now a devotee of the brand, and would not compromise for other brands.

The watch given to her by her husband was made of pure silver and also water proof. She was very proud of it. It made her happy and she felt a sense of satisfaction wearing it. The watch had a great impact on her and she was moved by its beauty. No one was allowed to touch it, as Auntie was very possessive about it. As days went by, the watch seemed to hypnotize her and she knew they were special.

The deal was an expensive one and you need quite a lot of money to buy a designer watch. My aunt hence started saving her money so that she could buy her favorite model. Her husband obviously had no problem in paying the cash, and would give her a certain amount. Her birthday was the day to buy one or on important events. Everyone knew now, both family and friends, about her hobby.

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As she was nearing her thirties, she bought one more. Her collection now had fifteen watches. She wanted to collect till she died. The collection was also very nice to look at, and had quite a variety! And to top it all, Auntie also got herself made a custom watch. This model was pure gold, scratch proof and also water resistant. It also had an inscription of her initials on the dial and looked spectacular.

Now fifty, Auntie’s collection consisted of over sixty watches. Every watch was unique and versatile in a way. Auntie now was clearly a loyal customer of the brand and had great faith in it. Her penchant was also noticed by the media and an interview and article were round the corner. She was sort of a promotional figure for the brand.

An article about the watch collection was published by a local magazine. On seeing the article Auntie’s gratitude knew no bounds. She was highly grateful to her loving husband who encouraged her hobby and made the collection bigger!