Christmas Shopping Tips – Make the Most Out of a Small Gift Budget

Christmas Shopping Tips – Make the Most Out of a Small Gift Budget

Christmas shopping on a budget can be fun! In this economy, many of us will be budget shopping this year. Make a plan. Decide exactly how much money you have available to spend, and divide that amount by the gifts you need to purchase. These 5 tips will be helpful in your challenge. Enjoy!

1. Shop all year. You probably know you can save money by shopping sales year round. Create a gift closet or gift shelf in your home and collect things throughout the year. When Christmastime arrives, you can then select items from your gift closet, already purchased and ready to wrap.

2. Shop warehouse sales – No matter what kinds of items are produced in your vicinity, you can usually find a good warehouse sale or two through the year. Book warehouse sales are available in most areas. Study the classified ads and be sure you are first in line. These sales generally last a week or two. You will have the best selection at the first of the sale and the best bargains at the end of the sale. Often on the last day of such a sale, prices are reduced to less than half of the sales price.

3. Create a gift. If you are handy with wood, make birdhouses for your friends. If you can sew, make unique aprons. If you crochet, make hats and scarves. Use your talents and your hobbies to create gifts for all your friends and family — at much less cost and much higher value.

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4. Cook in bulk. Everyone enjoys gifts of prepared food. Spend a day making small casseroles for your friends. Singles, couples, seniors and busy moms appreciate a meal in the freezer ready to cook. Be sure to put instructions on the top of your gift.

5. Has a friend admired something of yours? If you are willing to part with it, wrap it up and pass it on! What about that necklace that your friend loves? Give it to her for Christmas.

6. Have children create coupon books to give to relatives. “This coupon is good for one hug.” “This coupon will feed your pets while you are on vacation.” “This coupon is good for one hour of help with housework.”

Do not allow money worries to interfere with the joy of the holiday season. Keep it affordable for you and your family and enjoy every minute.