Christmas Shopping Tips – How to Not Break the Bank With Gift Purchases

Christmas Shopping Tips – How to Not Break the Bank With Gift Purchases

As of right now America is in the worst economy in years. Unfortunately everyone is being affected by it. More and more people are being laid off or fired, and the rest of America can’t find a job at all. Even though things are really bad at the moment, we still have to shop and buy things for our family. Americans are working on a 5 cent budget, but we need to buy $3.00 worth of stuff.

So what do we do when we have limited budget screaming kids more responsibilities and no way around it? We have to do what we’ve always done… Make a Way. We as Americans are very resourceful and we tend to make a way out of no way. And that’s what I’m going to do today. With in a few months Christmas will be here. And no matter how hard things may be at the moment, we never want to let down our loved ones. But can you really afford that $200 cell phone? or those $150 pair of sneakers? No most of us can’t, even when the economy was good a lot of us still couldn’t afford those high-priced things. So I have created a list of different affordable sites you can go to, in order to get the same items for cheaper or even free.

Free Coupons – There are sites out there that mail free coupons and items to your home. Items like Food, bathroom items, lotions for your body, bath tissue, discounts for restaurants like Chuck E. Cheese’s, discounts off of health care and Clorox etc. There are so many different coupons to save on so many items that we use every single day, this should help a struggling family out a lot.

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Shop Early or Late – Another great thing to do is to start shopping early before a holiday. For example say if you want to have a nice Christmas this year, start shopping now. Buy your Christmas trees and decorations now, because the longer you wait the more desperate you are to buy those items. And that’s what stores are counting on. they want you to wait till the last-minute so they can raise the price even higher for late shoppers. And if you really want to save some money, you can shop late. Now this isn’t ideal if you want to have a nice Christmas this year, but next year will be great for you. What you can do is wait till after Christmas to by all of your holiday supplies. Stores need to make space for new items so all that Christmas stuff will be at lease 50% to 70% off. All you have to do is save those brand new items for next year.

QVC – I love shopping with them not because of their “great deals” but for their Flex Pay option. Personally I don’t have money to get a 48′ HD TV that cost $900.00. However I was able to pay like $300.00 get it in my house and finish off the rest of the payments the next two months. That worked great for me, but what works for me may not work for you. Often QVC have up for 5 or 6 flex pays so that makes the monthly payments even lower. This means you can pay for the item up to 6 months from now. Think of it like a Lay-Away plan, only you get to have the items in your house and it doesn’t have to wait in a store till your fully paid up.

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Free Sites – Now this is a great concept if you can accomplish it. A free site is a website that gives out free items for their advertisers that pays them to do so. For example, advertisers pay the website to have people sign up for their products. Now the incentive for people to do this is FREE STUFF. These websites gives out free Desktop Computers, pay pal money, cell phones and games the list goes on and on. And the only thing you have to do is tell people about this site and refer them. So in order to get $55.00 you have to refer 1 person, that’s all. If you have friends that can help you accomplish this before you know it, you will have those high price electronics in no time. But the best part is that you get it for free.

Lake Side Collection – Not as popular as QVC but that’s a good thing. Because they sell a lot of inexpensive home items that most family’s can use for their own home or to simply give away as a gift. They sell bath products, funny little what not items, books, DVD, gifts, home furnishings, pet items, jewelry and toys etc most of their items are not more than $40 and for some stores out here, that’s a good price.