7 Shopping Tips on What Not to Buy Mom for the Holidays

7 Shopping Tips on What Not to Buy Mom for the Holidays

Most moms do a lot for their families, so to spend some money on a nice gift shows mom you are grateful for her. However, what you select may send a negative message if you don’t bother to put any thought behind your gift. Rather than a sweet smile from Mom on her birthday or some other holiday, you might get a frown. So avoid buying a thoughtless gift.

One. Don’t buy something mom already has even if it is a different color or style. She may not have liked or had a use for the first one if you don’t see her wearing or using it.

Although this is an obvious tip, think of how many people in the past gave your loved one something she didn’t need. Don’t be added to the list, pay close attention to your mother’s needs and buy what she likes and not what you think she will like.

Two. Avoid thrifty gifts she could buy herself.

Some sons and daughters think they are doing a good thing when buying something based on how much it costs, because they simply can’t afford to buy anything else. “I will just get this notepad set, she will like it.” Meanwhile, mom already has a notepad set, but has already mentioned she wants a particular one that you know is pricey. When funds are very short, it is better not to get anything at all but a hug and a kiss. But if you have the kind of mom that doesn’t understand hard times and expects you to give her something anyway or you just feel obligated simply because she is mom, then find a gift that she will least likely buy for herself. Try a different style, brand, or color.

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Three. Keep your budget in perspective, don’t break the bank.

When mom knows that you don’t have much money and you might have even borrowed from her recently, don’t be frivolous with your money. Rather than be happy with what you have bought her, she will feel guilty. So plan to spend a reasonable amount, but not so much that she will comment, “Oh honey, you shouldn’t have. You know you don’t have much money to be spending on me.”

Four. Stay away from discounted items that are refurbished or previously open.

Simply put, it’s tacky to seriously give mom something for her birthday or some other holiday that isn’t in good taste. Now if you want to give mom a gag gift then her beautiful tear-jerking gift, so be it. Don’t buy mom something you wouldn’t dare buy a boss. From half-eaten to half-open, some so-called gifts are nothing more than throw-away items people really didn’t want. Mom isn’t a dumping ground, so show some respect even if you don’t like her much.

Five. Clothing (unless you know your mother’s fashion sense, don’t do it).

You have to really know a person well to take a chance on buying clothing for them. So if you are going to take that leap, at least do your research.

Six. Appliances.

Whenever buying a big ticket item, do purchase the warranty. Mom will not be too happy if the item breaks down before she gets any real use out of it. Also, take measurements of where the ideal appliance is going to be placed and check to be sure that the color matches the rest of her decorum.

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Seven. Don’t get Mom a device with the sole intent of using it for yourself.

From laptops to phones, some sons and daughters will say they are buying something for their mom, but the reality is that once mom unwraps the item, takes a glance or two, and pushes a few buttons, her son or daughter is off in the next room supposedly programming it for mom when in fact he or she is enjoying the product for his or herself.

When purchasing items for mom, do plan ahead, know her interests, purchase the necessary items to upkeep the merchandise, and keep your selfish thoughts/reasoning out of the shopping experience.