3 Simple Shopping Tips To Always Looking Your Best

3 Simple Shopping Tips To Always Looking Your Best

I’m not sure if it is a woman thing, if it is a vain thing, if it’s a confidence thing or if it’s a hating our bodies thing; but, when you go to a store to find a new outfit do you bring several sizes in the dressing room with you to try one? Most people only bring their size and if it does not fit or look right or as good as it did on the mannequin they get upset and angry with themselves. Truth be told if you brought several different outfits in your size into the dressing room and none of them fit, it can ruin your whole afternoon, day, week and even year depending your level of disappointment and frustration with yourself.

As a woman, I have been there and I understand this but as a Stylists you just shop differently with a new perspective. Certain designers cuts can be really, really different. One designers size six could be another designers size ten, vice versa and lots of variations in-between. So when I am shopping with a client, I always tell them it is not about the size on the label, it is about how you feel, how you look in a particular outfit that matters. I always grab a minimum of three sizes sometimes four sizes and bring them into the dressing room to try on. Start with the your size and then grab one size smaller and one or two sizes larger depending on the cut of the item. In order to look your best, often your best friend will be a really good tailor.

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Which would you prefer to do? Squeeze yourself into a size six dress and look like you are a size ten or buy a size ten and look like you are a size six?

Here are three simple shopping tips to always looking your best. First, choose good quality clothes that can be a staple in your wardrobe and you can continually add to. (For example: dress pants, pencil skirts, and dresses in solid neutral colors).

Second, do not follow the trends of today. Find clothes that look good on you, on your body and choose accessories on trend not the other way around (Or you will have a closet full or neon and parachute pants and you will be stuck in an area. Yes everything comes back around but by then it will need a serious facelift and in the meantime you will look seriously dated and just wrong.)

Lastly, what you wear underneath your clothes is just as important as your clothes. Investing in the right bra so that the girls sit up and are in the right place will make your shirts, blouses, dresses and jackets all look completely different. And, the best part is can make you look pounds lighter. Wearing the correct undies for your body type is important as well because you don’t want to be hanging out and hanging over every where. Panty lines are not attractive and neither is someone wearing a thong where everything giggles. A fantastic secret that should be part of every ladies arsenal are shapers, you know “Spanks baby”. There are all kinds with different levels of support and they should absolutely be worn on a daily basis. They make a tremendous difference in how polished you come across. And, lets face it, nothing like a shaper to help your posture, keep your shoulders back and stomach tucked in. You just feel more confident when you know you look your best and you have made your best effort.

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These are the basics to shopping and creating a fabulous wardrobe that will sustain you for years to come, so have fun with it.