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Helpful Wig-Shopping Tips for Cancer Patients

Helpful Wig-Shopping Tips for Cancer Patients

It is no secret that cancer treatments generally result in complete hair loss. While some rare individuals gamely sport a clean shaven hair for the duration of their treatment and recovery period, majority of cancer patients are not really comfortable strutting around public without any hair on their head. What most of them do is to wear something to cover their bare scalp, usually a hat, a bandanna, or a wig.

Of these options, the wig is preferred by most cancer patients because it obviously gives them a more natural look, which in turn makes them feel a lot better about themselves. Even if they wear a hat or a bandanna, their baldness will still be quite evident and this usually causes a drop in self-esteem. Besides, wearing one is a nice opportunity to don new hairstyles that one has never tried before with their real hair.

If you are a cancer patient who is about to go wig-shopping and have never worn a wig before in your life, you may easily be confused by all the different available choices out there. To make the task much easier for you, here are a few helpful tips that you can follow so that you can easily find the best hairpiece to match your needs.

Make sure it looks natural. The worst thing that you can do when buying a wig is to choose something that looks too obviously like one that you might as well be walking around with a bald head. The best ones are those that look and feel just like real human hair. As a matter of fact, there are many kinds of hairpieces that are indeed made from human hair, although these are considerably more expensive than the synthetic varieties. Human hair wigs are also easier to care for than synthetic ones, and they are more versatile because they can be styled using heating products, which is not allowed at all with synthetic products.

Find a wig cap that lets your scalp breathe. It doesn’t matter how gorgeous it looks or how affordable the cost is – if the cap does not let your scalp breathe, you will feel very hot and uncomfortable after wearing it even for just a few hours. If you don’t really leave the house a lot and only plan on using it on the occasional trip to the mall or for running errands outside the house, then you can definitely choose a cheaper one with a non-breathable cap. However, if you are expecting to use it more frequently and for longer periods, it would be a better move to invest in a slightly more expensive breathable cap, which would actually prove to be the more cost-efficient purchase in the long run.

Stick within your price range is surprisingly broad. There are some kinds that you can buy for just a hundred dollars or so, while there are also those that cost several thousands of dollars. The more expensive ones usually offer the higher quality but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to break the bank just to buy a nice one. The trick is to simply do your research before jumping on any purchase. Use the Internet to locate a wig that fits your requirements and fits within your budget as well. You may also want to consider renting one, which may save you a lot of money especially if you don’t plan on wearing it too often.

Get the right size. wigs come in different sizes so it is very important that you find out what your size is before you start shopping. Any store will be able to help you determine your size, so this should not be a problem. Also, wigs can sometimes look quite different on the mannequin or stand than they would on you, and this is also an important reason why you should try it on before buying it. You may love a particular style while it is on display but hate it when you put it on, so it’s really a good idea to try a few different pieces before making a final decision.

Going through chemotherapy is no walk in the park. For many people, it is a very trying time not only physically but emotionally as well. Buying a less-than-adequate wig to wear during this period will not do anything to lift your spirits and instead can even lower your self-esteem.

Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for an inferior wig because there are so many good ones available out there. Just make sure you take the time to make the right choice and you won’t have to feel self-conscious about your bald head for even a single moment.…

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Shopping Tips For Dramatic Home Improvement Value

Shopping Tips For Dramatic Home Improvement Value

To begin with, don’t assume that you have to have a general contractor to get things done. Many DIY stores can help you learn to do things yourself and they offer good prices to regular customers, too.

Don’t turn over your project to a contractor along with an open checkbook. If you do this you will pay top dollar for everything. Your contractor will reserve any savings for his own wallet.

Do the buying for your projects. Some contractors hate it because they can’t cheat easily. But it makes it a lot easier for you to control costs.

Another thing you can do to save money is to look at your plans and see if there is anything you can reuse.

For example bathroom cabinets are pretty standard but the current fashion is for cabinets to be 36 inches high. Consider raising the existing cabinet on some sort of platform or legs and painting it. It can save you hundreds of dollars.

Kitchen cabinets can be either refaced or painted for a new look.

Stone slab counter tops are really expensive. But stone tiles that are usually used for flooring are cheaper. Butcher-block counters are both cheaper and really functional. They would be a great option for practical remodeling.

For flooring look and see what’s on sale. There might be a perfectly acceptable option that would save you lots of money. Avoid plastic or vinyl. It is really bad at resale.

Don’t add on to your house. Any addition that you make will add ridiculous costs to your project. You will also have to get more permits and regulators involved, too.

Try to avoid wallpaper. It shows its age fast. There are lots of houses in this country that have dated wallpaper in kitchens that most potential buyers hate. So then the houses don’t sell. Stay away from wallpaper.

Plain paint is easier and cheaper, and it can be touched up or changed any time you want, too.

Do your own painting. It’s not really difficult and your DIY store can help you with the details. It’s a good way to make a big change for a little money.

See if you can build in storage into your space yourself. It’s really easier than you might think. Old TV armoires can make great closets or pantries now that TVs are smaller and take up less room.

Pick basic neutral colors for permanent fixtures so you can change your style any time you want. Hotels and apartments generally install white bathroom fixtures and change the d?�cor around them when necessary. You can do this, too.

It’s pretty easy to finish sheet rock, too. But because it’s messy many people think it’s a lot better to hire pros for this.

Hire plumbers and electricians for specific things and pay them when you see that things are working properly. It may be easy for you to put up a new light fixture or set a new toilet, but if you need a new electrical or plumbing line run it’s good to get a licensed pro.

On a recent job we bought all the supplies to refinish a bath for $220. We still have to buy a couple of gallons of paint, but our old bath will soon have a new look from floor to ceiling. We are keeping the cabinet, the old white toilet and the shower. We are getting a new floor, new paint, and new lights.

Anyone can make this happen and they can do it for a lot less money, too. You can get value if you try and have the space and d?�cor you want.…

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Shopping For Plus Size Lingerie and Clothing While Still Saving Money

Shopping For Plus Size Lingerie and Clothing While Still Saving Money

In today’s economic climate, everyone is looking to save money. You can continue to shop for new and sexy plus size lingerie and clothing and still saving some money in the process. You don’t have to sacrifice quality and style just to save a few dollars. Keep the following tips in mind and you will be sure to find some really nice plus size lingerie and clothing pieces to add to your closet or lingerie drawer without breaking the bank.

Store Credit Cards

One thing I have learned in saving some money is the power of the store credit card. Many stores such as Lane Bryant and Avenue track your purchases through their store by your credit card purchases. The more you use your Lane Bryant or Avenue credit card, for example, the more the company sees you as a loyal customer. Most even have some sort of loyalty program or bonus points program. Lane Bryant and Avenue do. Each time you use your store credit card you earn bonus points and receive discount bonus coupons worth real dollar amounts off your purchases. You also receive coupons monthly and sometimes even weekly giving you valuable discounts off your purchases. Make sure you do not go overboard. You don’t want to go into debt. Just use your store credit card for your normal spending on clothing purchases so that your spending habits can be tracked and coupons can be mailed out. A Lane Bryant employee told me that the more you use your coupons the more coupons the company will send you so make sure you use your coupons whenever you receive them. One final piece of advice, pay your store credit card off each month to avoid paying finance and interest charges which will render your discounts worthless.

Store Mailing Lists

Make sure you join your favorite store’s mailing lists and email lists so you will be notified of any special sales your favorite store is having. Many stores send bonus coupons out via email and regular mail so by joining their mailing and email lists you will be able to receive these special notices as soon as they become available.

Social Networking

A lot of stores send out special savings and coupons via their corporate Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter pages. So become fans and friends of your favorite store’s Facebook and Myspace pages. Don’t to forget to follow your favorite store on Twitter. You will be amazed at all the secret sales and coupon codes you will find out about by just simply logging into Facebook or Twitter.

Coupon and Shopping Portal Websites

There are many shopping and coupon websites that do all of the searching for you. By simply going to a site like Kaboodle or Tjoos you can find the most current coupon codes for your favorite online shops.

Simply Ask

Sometimes just asking a store if they have any current coupons or special offers will land you a discount coupon so make sure you send an email off the customer service if you can not locate any coupons or discount codes for your favorite store.

Keeping these simple strategies in mind will ensure that you can shop till you drop for your favorite plus size lingerie and clothing pieces while still saving money.…